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Club Scout

Parker's booming, and the latest addition to this ranch-town-turned-bedroom-community is the new baby of Paul and Michelle Blakley. Baby grand, that is. The couple has added a piano to the two-and-a-half-month-old BB's Bistro and Bar and held two weeks of auditions before selecting Pancho Harrison as the resident ivory-tickler. Harrison debuted his chops last Friday night and will jazz up the joint at 11280 Twenty Mile Road, in the Parker Valley Center, every Friday and Saturday night. Also on the agenda for the Bistro is a hump-day piano party, although last week Paul Blakley admitted that he had yet to approach Harrison with the idea of adding a Thursday gig.

Already on call at the Bistro are forty martinis -- just ten shy of having a different drink for each of the fifty seats in the bar area. That space is a comfortable, classy environment for a low-key evening, or you can enjoy Blakley's music from the dining room, treating yourself to such Bistro offerings as parmesan scallops with lemon zest and olive oil, or crème brûlée cheesecake with raspberry coulis.

Speaking of treats: Club Scout's favorite holiday has returned (my birthday comes two days before Halloween, which makes for a party-party weekend). Fliers are already flooding downtown with warm-up events, including the Church's 18+ Victorian Fetish Ball, an October 29 party open to the under-21 crowd for the first time. Then on October 30, Spook Day itself, head for Boulder and the Underground Freak Show, sponsored by Root of the Hill, 1360 College Avenue. Although Root usually devotes itself to selling records, local DJs always tout this annual bash as a top destination. With a hot lineup that includes Lords of Acid, you're sure to get an ear -- and eye -- ful.

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Catalina Soltero
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