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Club Scout believes accessories are important for a night out. When the perfect accompaniment to wear on our arm -- namely, someone with enough money for a couple of drinks -- can't be found, we have the next-best thing: an Evolve bracelet. This simple red bangle, now being handed out by wandering promoters at various Denver hotspots, is an ideal accessory, even better than free. Because if you're wearing an Evolve bracelet, you can get into nightlife newcomer Club Evolution gratis for the next two weeks, and you're eligible for prizes and special offers after that.

Proud to be downtown's latest GLBT nightclub, Club Evolution -- which occupies the space at 2300 Champa Street that was once home to the beloved Muddy's coffeehouse -- has an outlook that's highly evolved, welcoming friendly straight folks who know how to have fun. For those who don't, Evolution is happy to lead the way. The club sprawls over two floors and 6,400 square feet, with the dance area alone taking up 1,000 of those. The all-modern downstairs is open every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday for booty-shaking to hot local DJs, with special guests planned down the road. Upstairs is the E-Lounge, a more relaxed environment that features a fix-it-yourself Bloody Mary bar on Sunday mornings (the staff will assist if you're too hung over). Evolution's advanced mixology doesn't stop at alcoholic concoctions; designated drivers and late-night partyers looking to sober up can avail themselves of an extensive coffee menu. E-Lounge, which opens at noon weekdays and 10 a.m. on the 'ends, also offers free Internet action.

A bracelet that serves as personal passport to a new club that's both gay- and straight-friendly and is home to hip beats, a bevy of brews and no-charge wireless access, all in an adventurous, slightly upscale environment -- that's jewelry that Club Scout can endorse. And if this is where Evolution is taking us, we'll happily climb on board.

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Catalina Soltero
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