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In case you went cruising by the 15th Street Tavern last Friday and thought that people had broken in to party -- or that you were hallucinating -- rest assured that neither was the case. After suddenly closing at the end of October, the downtown club officially reopened just as suddenly on November 19, after original owner Andy Artzer signed papers turning the place over to Kris Sieger, Jennifer Raddatz and Mykel Martinez. Let the good times -- and the rock -- roll!

In Five Points, the reopening of Quixote's True Blue hasn't gone nearly as smoothly. Details of the problems at the space that shares the 2637 Welton Street address of Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom are hazy -- and that's not just because we paid a visit to the Deadhead-friendly locale. Owners Jay Bianchi and Scott Morrill weren't there to tell us why Quixote's, which had closed for renovation, then almost made it back open, was urged by the city to shut down again. The very nice Cervantes' door guy, Micah Donnelly, could only confirm that Quixote's has yet to successfully reopen its doors. Let's hope the third time is the charm for this venue.

Since you can't party at Quixote's, why not try out Bruno's Saloon? The club way out at 8401 East Colfax Avenue actually got itself open on November 4. It has a very charming manager, Shawn Dahl, and a big need for customers. When we arrived a little before midnight, Dahl opened our car door and promised to buy us a beer if we'd come inside. And no, he didn't know he was talking to Club Scout -- he just knew that business has been a little sluggish since Bruno's, the third bar in a group owned by Michael Bruno of Eck's and Iliff Park, took over the old Sports Field/Cristobal's location. Although the exterior looks unchanged, right down to the green awning that reads "The Sports Field," inside is another story. In an attempt to make the place less "crackhead," according to Dahl, they've rearranged the booths, relocated both stage and sound booth, and next week will install new carpet throughout the venue. Oh, and they've cleaned -- the bathrooms, the bar area and the kitchen, which is open officially until 1 a.m., serving dishes like Heavy Metal Burgers and Wangs. But Dahl promises to cook as late as customers want -- if only those customers would please come in.

When they do, they'll be rewarded with not just a charming manager and a clean space, but lots of live music. Dahl's a music lover, and while he'd ultimately like to have original acts playing seven nights a week, he has a pretty good lineup going right now. Check out the band schedule and other updates at And then pay Dahl a visit. He's begging you.

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