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Pyramid scheme: Faithful fans -- and a few DJs -- were left out in the cold this month when they discovered that Club Ra and Pharoah's Lounge, Egyptian-themed sibling venues at 1111 Lincoln Street, had both closed. Longtime Ra resident Devonte Luv heard the news just days after spinning his usual Saturday set of hip-hop scorchers on November 27, which ended up being the club's last night. For confirmation, he stopped by the hookah hangouts on December 3 and found an eviction notice posted on Club Ra's window. Turns out that Club Scout isn't the only one who's been unable to reach owners Michael and Armon Tadevossian lately; both men apparently packed up what they could, then locked the doors.

Among those who'd like to locate them is Curt Sims, owner of neighboring Cielo, who'd leased the space to the brothers. According to DJ Luv, Michael lived in California throughout Club Ra's reign, appearing at his Colorado businesses maybe one weekend a month; it's unlikely he'll be returning anytime soon. Meanwhile, we're happy to report that Luv's doing just fine and has moved his regular act to a new venue, the Arena, at 146 Van Gordon Street in Lakewood, which he's heating up every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Club Rox will disappear, too, but in a much more organized style. Matthew Waters, manager of the venue in Union Station, finally spilled the details late last week. The space, soon to be known as the Union Room, has a new owner, Rob Holland, with big, if delayed, plans. According to Waters, city inspectors had to sign off on the new concept, and they took their time looking over the club's past as well as blueprints for its future form. Expect Rox to operate as it is through the end of the year, after which it will try to stay open a few nights a week while renovations are made to the upstairs area. The Union Room's debut should be worth the wait, though, with art-deco-style decor that will highlight the building's historic attributes.

Fort Collins lost a bright spot on its music scene when the Starlight closed its doors -- apparently for good. Owners James Sargent and Melissa Laugen had temporarily shuttered the club at 167 North College Avenue after its liquor license was suspended; at a November 22 hearing, the Starlight was ordered to remain closed for sixty days while that license was transferred. But in the meantime, it looks like the pair, who'd taken over the Starlight from Eric Rabinowitz just a year ago, have decided to turn off the lights for good.

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