Club Scout: Electrobot Thursdays at The Church

Each and every Thursday,

DJ Tower


Tim Alexander

) and his friends turn

The Church

into a haven for electro and retro music for

Electrobot Thursdays

. DJ Tower has been cultivating the night for quite some time and has been working with other like-minded electronic minds like



Michael Trundle

, this week's guest behind the decks) to build this weekly eighteen plus gathering into one very fly dance party. Thursdays are perfect time, says Tower, and The Church is the perfect spot.

"No one is really doing a ton of electronic music on Thursdays, and this is exactly the kind of thing we're so good at," notes Tower. "The Church has so much space, it was kind of like why not throw a huge dance party there during the week. Boyhollow is there every other Thursday, and Kevin Randall, the bartender kills it with the drink specials constantly. It's a really fun weekly party to do, and we are building on a crowd that already enjoys coming to the Church. It's free for the 21 and up folks, so the crowd is a good mix."

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