Concert Reviews

Clutch at the Fillmore, 12/21/12


Neil Fallon was happy that the Mayans were wrong about the end of the world. The Clutch frontman spelled out his reasoning to the crowd that packed the floor and the wings of the Fillmore on Friday night, taking a rare break between tunes in a breakneck set that lasted more than an hour. "I like the earth. I like you. I like playing rock and roll," declared Fallon, simply, before adding that an apocalypse would have made the band's plans for a new album in March pretty tough. It was one of the few asides in a straightforward, energetic and rousing performance by Clutch, a show that simultaneously celebrated the band's past and hinted at its future. That musical mix of nostalgia and novelty was a good way to celebrate surviving the end of the world.

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A.H. Goldstein