Cody ChesnuTT Will Debut a Denver Collaboration at Artopia

Artopia, Westword's annual celebration of art, culture and fashion, returns to City Hall this Saturday, February 21. In addition to plenty of visual artists and the Whiteout fashion show, the event will feature some highlights from Colorado's music scene — this year, over a dozen groups and artists will perform on four stages. Tickets are $30 ahead of time or $50 at the door. You can also use the promo code "showandtell" for $10 off.

Today, we're happy to tell you there will also be a special appearance by boundary-pushing R&B and soul artist Cody ChesnuTT

ChesnuTT, who you may also know from his feature on the Roots "Seed 2.0," has been at it for a long time. Denver-based MC and gardener Cavem Moetavation saw ChesnuTT perform when he was just thirteen years old. The experience left an impression on Cavem, and now, the two are working on some songs together.

They'll offer a preview of that collaboration at Artopia with artist Thomas Evans, who creates paintings that emit sound when touched. Keep an eye on the Cue Room at City Hall tomorrow night to see the trio in action. 

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