#COHIPHOP Unity Concert 2: A show whose name kinda speaks for itself

Tonight, Thursday, August 5, Quixote's True Blue -- that's the place to be if you love local hip-hop. Presented by Yoseph of Fly Magazine, Dent and Shedrick Garrett, #COHIPHOP Unity Concert 2 is going down. The aim, as you've probably deduced from the name of the event, is to bring the hip-hop community together. To that end, organizers have tapped some national cats Master Fuol and J Stalin to perform alongside a stellar cast of locals, including Young Doe, The Pirate Signal, The Fresh Breath Committee, Adam Duncan and SP Double, among others. Turf DJ Ktone will be behind the decks, and just in case that's not enough, there's also a beats battle on tap pitting TC Crook against Graffiti Black and Yonnas of The Pirate Signal versus Lenny Lenn. See full size flier after the jump.

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