Color Codes Sound Sessions gets progressive this Friday night at the Gypsy House

​Enlisting the help of DJ Mu$a and Gyp da Hip, Joshua Mays and his music partner Troy Talbert (Mind Control Music and Montebello) are hosting a progressive party this Friday night at the Gypsy House called Color Codes Sound Sessions. Inspired by the popular Low End Theory parties on the West Coast, Color Codes brings together a variety of artists working in various mediums and presents their work through arresting sounds and visuals.

Mays says this Friday's Color Codes Sound Sessions is more than just a party. It's an experience in sound that feeds the need for good music. "Every time I'm on Facebook and see someone talk about how much music sucks, I feel like they're not working hard enough," declares Mays. "This day and age there are so many cats out of their bedrooms making wonderful music, fantastic stuff, and every time people say these things, I just want to send them links of things they should listen to."

Talbert, Mays's creative partner, finds the genre blending that already exists in music makes for an easy platform to bring together a variety of music scenes, thus making for an even more diverse party atmosphere. "I'm an old school hip-hop fan," he points out. "I call myself an orthodox hip-hop head from day one, and from this point, I'm listening to guys who are using more electronic beats, guys who are more dub step influenced. When we started out, it was called, trip-hop, but things have evolved so much, and genres barely exist."

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