Come hang out with us tonight at the Westword Music Showcase Pre-Party

It is, as even casual observers of this section and/or billboards in the vicinity of the Golden Triangle will be aware, Westword Music Showcase season.

I say season because it's not just the festival itself (but: June 21 on that). It's also about the related Westword Music Awards, which give us an opportunity to ditch all semblance of critical distance and just tell you about a bunch of Denver bands we love. That's basically why we do all of this: The Showcase, the Awards and all the other things that go with them, including tonight's Showcase Pre-Party at Stoney's. There, we'll shut up and let some excellent bands -- In the Whale, A Band in Pictures and Science Partner -- just show you why they were nominated for an Award. It starts at 7 p.m. (no, really: bands will actually start playing then) and it costs zero dollars. Here's what you're in for:

Previous coverage of In the Whale: Death is a constant presence in the life of In the Whale's Nate Valdez, by Courtney Harrell

Previous coverage of Science Partner: Tyler Despres of Science Partner on how a really good melody should be like a nursery rhyme, by Tom Murphy

Westword Music Showcase Pre-Party Featuring Science Partner, In the Whale and more Friday, June 6 Stoney's on 11th and Lincoln 7 p.m. Free

And here's a bunch more information about the Westword Music Showcase: -Science Partner and In the Whale will play the Westword Music Showcase pre-party on June 6 -The 36 best songs you might hear on the main stage at this year's Westword Music Showcase -The 2014 Westword Music Awards nominees -The people of Westword Music Showcase 2013 -Ticket page for this year's Showcase

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