Constellations Lady Coast EP heralds the band's return

We told you back in February that Constellations were returning with new music. Now, almost three months later, the first release has arrived. The Lady Coast EP is here for your free downloading pleasure.

You get two new songs and two remixes of "Lady Coast." The original of "Lady Coast" is a dense, layered track with an irresistible bass line, a great melody that gets twisted along and pulled apart and a weird, hushed vocal. It's also got some crazy drumming and more weird noises and odd turns than you can shake a stick at. The sum result is disorienting in the best possibly way -- despite a lack of traditional pop hooks it's an incredibly catchy song.

Although the rest of the material is solid, "Lady Coast" is clearly the belle of the ball. The other original is "Reflection Mandible," a fractured, rhythmically twisted track with a great synth riff that comes in about three and a half minutes in, just as the tune is winding down.

Remix wise, we get two takes on "Lady." Alert offers a twisted dubstep remix that stretches the original into a near-infinite space and injects it with his typical creepy ambience. The other remix, from Max McFerren, plays with the vocal, some echo and a weird, primitive sounding synth loop, then occasionally flares into some kind of abstract glitch hop.

Overall, it's a great return for Constellations, showing intriguing evolution from the Necrogeister-era. The only real complaint is two tracks and two remixes is only enough to whet the appetite -- more soon please! Fans of the weirder side of Radiohead or who always wished Aphex Twin would work in a more pop but still totally fucked up vein should grab this ASAP.

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