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Constellations return as a "nationwide collective" with new music

So, here's some good news for fans of adventurous music in the Mile High City: the long-quiet post-punk/dance/experimental band Constellations have announced they'll be returning from limbo in 2010. This has got us pretty damn excited -- before disappearing a few years ago, we considered Constellations to be one of the most exciting outfits in town.

We named them Best Up-and-Coming Band in 2005, gave both their debut EP and followup single glowing reviews, and other honors as well. Basically, we really dug the dudes. And then, they were gone without any real explanation, and we were bummed.

Now they're back! And we have this by way of explanation:

Constellations were a four piece Denver band that formed in 2004 and played a frantic and manic brand of futuristic rock and pop music described by various publications as innovative, infectious, chaotic, and unsettling. After releasing a debut EP titled Sistering in 2005, touring the country, and playing hundreds of shows around Colorado, the band added two additional members and focused on shifting their music to a more experimental and electronic fringe--this resulted in Necrogeister (2007), a release the Onion A.V. Club called "an adventurous three-song single that embraces everything from IDM to cabaret jazz to psychedelia." Thereafter, the band spent the greater part of a year hunkered in their studio--Opponent Processor--developing material for a long-awaited full length album and experimenting at length with unique recording processes, tones, rhythmic patterns, synthesizers, and the many possibilities of communal songwriting. After setting the groundwork for dozens of tracks--songs equally influenced by Autechre, Kraftwerk, the Silver Apples, the Beach Boys, and Aphex Twin--the band abruptly split, leaving a wealth of material that was never performed live and never released.

Constellations has reformed as a nation-wide collective and are currently working to finish their many unreleased songs, to be released in 2010. Stay tuned for more details.

They've also got a new logo, which you saw at the top of this post, and a song (or song snippet) called "Constellations 2010 Teazer" up on their MySpace page which definitely displays some of those aforementioned influences. No word yet on what the new lineup looks like and who's returned from previous Constellations incarnations, but we'll keep you posted as we get more information.

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