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Country singer Chris Young returns home after being hospitalized for a week in Denver

As if there weren't already enough unnerving and terrifying things in everyday life to worry about, now comes word of even more scary shit you can unwittingly come across as you're minding your own business -- stuff like brain-eating amoebas and flesh-eating bacteria. Ask Chris Young about the latter. He knows firsthand what a harrowing ordeal dealing with that can be.

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Young is back home in Nashville right now, no doubt recuperating from what had to be an agonizing week. He was released from Presbyterian/St. Luke's this past Sunday, where he was hospitalized for nearly a week to treat an infection he evidently acquired from a simple cut on his leg. He's better now, but from the few Tweets he sent from the hospital, it sounds like his stay in our town was no fun at all (a central line in his jugular?!).

The country singer was passing through our town last week on his way to Montana for a show when he suddenly started going into septic shock and had to be transported by ambulance to the hospital for treatment. Young ended up going under the knife to remove the infection and has since been given the all-good from his doctors to get back to touring. Young is slated to join Brad Paisley back on the road tomorrow in Mountain View, California.

In a statement, Young makes sure to give props to the Denver docs who worked on him. "I received amazing care from Dr. Suarez, Dr. Gill and Dr. Canfield and all the I.C.U. nurses who literally saved my life," he says, clearly grateful and glad to be back home. Like any of us who've been in the hospital, he could probably have done without some of the intrusive (but obviously necessary) ambient noise.

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