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Cowboy Curse

Sometimes the wait is so fucking worth it. Cowboy Curse has taken its sweet time putting together a debut album; a year and half has passed since the release of the Welcome to Cowboy Curse EP, a three-track teaser of smart, bashful, damn near flawless indie pop. But the trio has finally sewn up the as-yet-untitled full-length, which is slated for a February release. If anything, the threesome has gotten even catchier, expanding its power-pop platform with hints of thorny feedback and hummable dissonance. The band itself has gone through some changes, too: Founding drummer Josh Bergstrand, late of the Symptoms, left this summer and was replaced by Erin Tidwell, formerly of the now-defunct FlashBangs. Tidwell's voice melts perfectly into the confectionary harmonies of guitarist Ben Bergstrand and Tyler Campo, resulting in some of the most gorgeous hooks since Squeeze, Camper Van Beethoven and Built to Spill ruled the earth. Hear for yourself at Bender's Tavern this Saturday, December 10, when Cowboy Curse plays a benefit show for the Rape Assistance and Awareness Program alongside Badpenny, the Railbenders, Ground Zero Movement and DJs Big Al and Sara T.
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Jason Heller
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