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Sublime, with Guttermouth and Skankin' Pickle, Friday, December 15, at the Ogden Theatre, created a small cult masterpiece in 1992--the album 40 Oz. to Freedom. Since then, these Southern Californians have continued to produce an u nusual blend of lo-fi, thrash-infused ska and dub tunes. As the recent Robbin' the Hood demonstrates, Sublime is earning a loyal following in much the same way the Beastie Boys did. Moreover, their combination of frat-party sounds and hip-hop-meets-alternative attitude appeals to the growing legion of heavily pierced, baggy-pants-wearing surf/skate fanatics being targeted by this event, designated the Sno-Core Tour. So down your brew, park your board outside and get ready for an evening of the most entertaining garage-dub being made today.

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Joshua Green