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La Musgana, 8 p.m. Friday, February 2, at Cameron Church, is a quartet from Leon, Spain, that specializes in European folk sounds rarely heard in these parts--Castilian, Andalusian, Galician and Murcian styles that are rooted in music brought to Spain by gypsies, Celts, Moors and Basques. That description aside, the band's work is also accessible. Anyone familiar with Celtic music, Mexican folk, new-age or worldbeat will no doubt find and enjoy similarities between these genres and La Musgana's approach, while others should be intrigued by the act's unusual instrumentation: bagpipes, accordion, flutes, square drums, clarinet, Arabic lute, keyboards and an assortment of tambourines. Now celebrating its ninth year in existence, La Musgana (the name means "water rat") has released two discs on the Green Linnet label, including last year's Las Seis Tentaciones. If the musicians bring the vibrancy of this recording to their performances, they'll cure many a case of midwinter blues.

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Linda Gruno