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Fu Manchu, Monday, January 31, at the Fox Theatre, with Anthrax and the Unband, is the kind of group that Jeff Spicoli, the wave-riding babe-and-bud connoisseur played to perfection by Sean Penn in the classic film Fast Times at Ridgemont High, would have truly appreciated. Somewhere between thoughts of surfing, motocross and chicks with Farrah Hair and repeat communions with a three-foot glass bong, Spicoli would recognize a certain fraternity with the foursome, a shared genetic predisposition to rocking out. Raunchy, fatter than a sack of schwag, Fu Manchu's music is not for the meek. It's the soundtrack to a hot-rod drag race down Main Street, U.S.A.; it's the tape blaring from the deck of a Camaro parked in the backwoods, while high school kids pass around pinners, drink cans of beer, make out under the trees and urinate on themselves. Featuring Brant Bjork, a former member of Kyuss, a band that's recently attained near-mythic status as the progenitor of stoner rock, Fu Manchu is alive with the sound of the '70s. Right on. -- Laura Bond
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