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Luscious Jackson, Monday, February 14, at the Fillmore Auditorium, with Smash Mouth and 22 Jacks, takes its smooth swagger on the road in support of Electric Honey, the band's first album since the departure of keyboardist Vivian Trimble. Now a trio with vocalist/bassist Jill Cunniff, drummer Kate Schellenbach, and guitarist/vocalist Gabby Glasser, Luscious Jackson continues to carve out its own niche through hip-hop-inflected cool pop. The Luscious ones are often linked with the Beastie Boys because Schellenbach once drummed for them; they record on the same Grand Royal label, and the band's harvest of influences mirrors the Beasties' own. After releasing three full-length albums, though, it's clear that the Jackson women stand firmly on their own savvy feet, blending funky rhythms, jazzy flourishes and breathy rhymes like the ber-cool older sisters you wish you had. -- Jenny Shank
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