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Bloomington, Indianas Johnny Socko, with Bad Rufus and Lesser Profits, Wednesday, June 21, at the Bluebird Theater, is proof that college basketball coach Bobby Knight isnt the only explosive entity to emerge from the Hoosier state. Now based in Indianapolis, Socko is currently on its own self-described rock-and-roll rampage (hopefully, there will be no choking of fans) on the heels of the groups fourth album, appropriately titled Quatro. The CD -- like the bands live approach -- is an electric smorgasbord that covers everything from 70s arena rock to bossa nova and lounge, power pop, Motown and rap. The moderately skanking sounds of groups like the Mighty Mighty Bosstones are found in the very non-ABBA-esque Dancin Queen:; elsewhere, hard-driving pop guitars, Beastie Boys grooves and even a little Robert Plant rock action make appearances. The band takes what it likes and puts it through the Socko musical meat grinder. So watch your fingers and toes, and dont get too close.
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Mary Guiden