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JAAAAAMESBROWNNNNNNNN! Still superbad at 67, Papa can say it loud: "I'm old and I'm proud!" You dig? Don't matter if he's leadin' the Famous Flames or just a high-speed chase across state lines: Soul Brother Number One be keepin' it all explosive -- like a...pyrotechnical pompadour. Owww! Smokin'! So get ready, you mutha, for the big payback! Get up offa that thang, Wednesday, January 17, at the Magness Arena Showcase Theatre, for a most electrifyin' funk-ass feast from the 25-piece Soul Generals revue! Unnhh! Do the popcorn! Do the mashed potato! Cold sweat on the night train. Papa wanna get into it, man -- like machine. You know -- doin' it. So let yourself go! You've got the power! Don't take no mess -- it's the man with the crown, the band with the sound! The haaaaardest-workin' man's gonna get all crazy and kiss himself! Mmmm-hmmm. He got the feelin' -- good Gawd! He got the power! Got that lickin' stick! And that brand-new bag! Give it up or turn it a-loose! Turn loose them prisoners of looove! Get stoned to the bone and bewildered! Get on the good foot -- shake and shimmy! And if you miss out on the funk, sweet darlin' hot pants, please, please, please, doncha cry, cry, cry.
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John La Briola