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DJs Eric Morillo and "Little" Louis Vega (right) are hitting the turntables at Vinyl on Thursday, January 18 -- and bringing a taste of deep and funky house to the Mile High City. Part of a much-needed renovation of the Broadway club's talent lineup, the two Manhattan mix meisters' Denver stop is a nod to our little metropolis's fresh buzz within the national dance scene. With his partner Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez, Vega (who started out as a salsa DJ in the '70s) masterminded the acclaimed, genre-busting Masters at Work and Nuyorican Soul projects in 1997. Today, his bass-heavy experiments in house/soul/hip-hop fusion are a perfect compliment to international re-mixer Eric Morillo, who reinvigorated New York City's aging nightlife scene with the opening of his ultra-hip downtown club, Centro-Fly. You dope-ass boys and mad hoochie girls should expect a serious workout on the dance floor. Local house-music pioneers the Pound Boys and DJ Vitamin D warm up the crowd.
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Kelly Lemieux