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The Starlight Drifters, Wednesday, March 27, at the Buffalo Rose in Golden and Thursday, March 28, at the Skylark Lounge, separate themselves from the pompadoured pack with one singular force: guitarist Chris Casello, one of the finest pickers in rockabilly/country circles. His immense arsenal of styles brims with snippets of the best string-slingers ever, everyone from Scotty Moore, James Burton and Cliff Gallup to Hank Garland, Joe Maphis and Junior Brown. 13 to Go, the Starlights' new release on Rollin' Rock Records, should give even the most skilled twang-pickers a lifetime's worth of nail-biting licks to copy. The Drifters' package is boosted by Bill Alton's crooning vocals, an ace rhythm section and an overall groupwide skill at crafting old-school songs that avoid sap or stupidity. Looking for a chance to get real gone for a change? Make these shows and bask in a little Starlight magic.
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Marty Jones