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Sometimes there's no better indication of how old you've become than finding yourself sneering over the success of someone younger than you. Peter Cincotti surely has been the recipient of many such grumblings since becoming a jazz phenom at the age of twenty with his self-titled debut release. Receiving praise from such disparate sources as the New York Times and Teen Vogue, the Cincotti sensation is still on the upswing of a full-force publicity blitz. Newsweek and People have dubbed him "one to watch" (the latter even included "sultry photos" of the young troubadour in a recent issue), and his upcoming turn in Spider-Man 2 is highly anticipated. But really, to get a sense of why Cincotti is turning so many heads, you just need to listen. Once you're lost in the lush musical libations captured on his disc, it's easy to understand why the prodigious musician has impressed so many critics. The youngest artist to ever perform at the legendary Algonquin Hotel's Oak Room, Cincotti has an aptitude for both original compositions and smart covers that ensure he'll be with us for a while. Of course, no matter how long his career lasts, he'll always be younger than a lot of us. Envy Cincotti in person this Saturday, December 27, when he appears at the Gothic Theatre.
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Catalina Soltero
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