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In entertainment, absence doesn't make the heart grow fonder; it makes the mind go blank. Spiv likes to go away just long enough to be forgotten, then hop back into the lives of Denverites like a long-lost lover, hoping you'll spend the night with the act. Like those in a good tryst, Spiv's always pulling out new tricks, usually in its lineup; the most recent change is the addition of Bob Rupp on drums. Sure, everyone seems to have rolled in the musical hay with Rupp at one time or another, but that doesn't mean this time around won't be just as satisfying. A taste of the familiar with a joyful bounce, Spiv is fun and sugary pop rock. Chris Barber is the band's constant conquistador, bringing his wares to venues near and far, playing Playboy parties as well as local showcases, with ever-changing accompaniment. But Barber manages to keep the hooks solid despite the tumultuous cast: His melodies rock and roll. Spiv song snippets stick in your head and tumble off your tongue for weeks after a single listen. Get your fix before Barber and his roving band disappear again: Spiv plays Herman's Hideaway on Friday, April 2, and Cricket on the Hill on Saturday, April 3.
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Catalina Soltero
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