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Few Denver bands can boast of having a palindrome for a name -- let alone one cooked up at a brainstorming session with Courtney Taylor of the Dandy Warhols. But CAT-A-TAC can. A late-night bender with the Warhols' notorious frontman a couple of years ago led to the flip-flop-able moniker, which in no way hints at the group's lush sound. While its members have previously peddled everything from ska to alt-country, CAT-A-TAC steeps time-tested songcraft in a swirling, gloriously sloppy stew of shoegaze and psychedelia. Like Red House Painters renovating Pink Floyd, the quartet's recordings -- presently unreleased, but available at -- are enveloped in blissful static and a narcoleptic croon that's not afraid to paraphrase the Eagles. CAT-A-TAC appears on Saturday, January 22, at the Trilogy Lounge in Boulder, with Hot IQs, and on Wednesday, January 26, at the Larimer Lounge, with Rogue Wave, Two Gallants and O'er the Ramparts. No matter which way you read it, they're not to be missed.
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Jason Heller
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