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Love hurts. Love stinks. If the Valentine's season makes you want to run gagging to the nearest gutter, inoculate yourself against America's most contrived holiday in style -- as part of the Funeral of Hearts 4: Day of the Dead celebration this Friday, February 11, at Rock Island. Conceived as a Halloween-tinted antidote to all that sickening heart-shaped candy and flowers, the event will feature ghoulish performances by Radio Scarlet, Women of Fear and Colorado Springs's The Mansfields. Entering its tenth year of existence, this last outfit has perfected its eyeliner-caked brand of glam punk, channeling everything from the Ramones to Too Fast for Love-era Mötley Crüe. Besides being handpicked to play 2005's Warped Tour by founder Kevin Lyman, the Mansfields are gearing up for the spring release of a DVD chronicling their various exploits, including numerous tours across the U.S. and Europe. Funeral of Hearts is a zombie-themed bash, so make sure to dress appropriately -- say, as the corpse of your favorite failed relationship.

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