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Atmosphere and gravity: two invisible, intangible things that keep us alive even as they imprison us. Strangers Die Everyday is well versed in this contradiction; the Boulder quartet uses bass, drums, cello and violin in its attempt to simultaneously harness and succumb to these vast, pervasive forces. Begun in late 2003 as a trio comprising Stirling Myles, Scott Wilkinson and Lawrence Armstrong, Strangers recorded a three-song demo last summer that, while shaky and unsure, hinted at greater things on the horizon. With the subsequent addition of cellist Jessie Dettwiler, the group became complete, honing its Rachel's-meets-Explosions in the Sky majesty via a penchant for crackle, groan and echo that builds and subsides like the cycles of the earth itself. The band will perform Saturday, April 2, at Monkey Mania, with Parts & Labor and Nightshark. With a West Coast tour and a debut full-length on the way, Strangers surely won't be for long.
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Jason Heller
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