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From small-town Missouri to headlining the Gothic Theatre, Nathaniel Rateliff and Joseph Pope of Born in the Flood have raised their watermark considerably over the last few years. After relocating to Denver for a brief spell of missionary work, the two flirted with shoegazer, blues and even Southern rock before settling on Born's rich, resonant brand of indie pop. Rounded out by guitarist Matt Fox and drummer Mike Hall, the band crafts songs as gauzy and shivering as the Shins or the Strokes at their most earnest. But as world-weary as Rateliff's mumbled vocals and delay-drenched chords can get, they're underpinned by unshakable hooks and an almost spiritual aura of hope. Born in the Flood will play on Thursday, April 21, at the hi-dive, with Dios Malos and Joshua Novak -- just as Rateliff and crew will be wrapping up their full-length debut, due out this summer. With appearances at this year's South by Southwest under its belt, not to mention an imminent tour of the Midwest, there's no drowning out Born in the Flood.
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Jason Heller
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