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Denver sometimes has severe amnesia when it comes to local music. Around the turn of the millennium, Acrobat Down was as hotly tipped and downright exciting as Colorado-grown outfits get. But since dissolving in 2001, its members have hovered relatively under the radar: Singer/guitarist Aaron Hobbs just recently assembled a band to back up his gorgeous acoustic songs, and keyboardist Jme White's Blusom, although signed to the sizable independent imprint Second Nature, doesn't make much of a noise in town. The rest of Acrobat Down -- guitarist Hans Buenning, bassist Eliot Zizic and drummer Jason Jones -- re-formed as DeNunzio and has been quietly, steadily building a roar over the past four years. The group's new full-length, Continuous Vaudeville, comes out this week, and it's a huge leap up from 2003's The Three Point Stance. With all three players passing around the mike, the disc is a grab bag of concise, melodic indie rock as ebullient as vintage Built to Spill. Hopefully, DeNunzio's record-release show (taking place Friday, May 6, at the Larimer Lounge) will unleash a performance -- not to mention a record -- to remember.
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Jason Heller
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