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When Tanner Olson moved to Denver from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, he brought with him quite a pedigree. As guitarist for the progressive hardcore outfits the Spirit of Versailles and Examination of the..., he'd already had a taste of forging noises both experimental and bludgeoning. But with his new band, Across Tundras, he's finally locked onto the perfect formula of manicured chaos and elemental force. Aided by bassist Kyler Sturtz and drummer Heath Rave, Olson sculpts riffs and drones into pitch-black glaciers; it's all fed through a monolith of amps that sound like they're built from jet engines. And while drawing from such sludge merchants as Neurosis and Old Man Gloom, Across Tundra's debut EP, Divides, eschews self-indulgent electronics in favor of a more epic, organic atmosphere. Across Tundras will be playing at the hi-dive with Half of Zero and Munimula on Sunday, May 15 -- Olson and crew's first show in town after returning from a Midwest tour that included dates with Kentucky's blistering Breather Resist. And while earplugs would only diminish the intensity of Tundra's chilling onslaught, you might want to bring a parka.
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Jason Heller
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