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Daniel Bell

Blip-beep-tick-thump-thwack. To outsiders, the preceding onomatopoeia serves as an easy stereotype — and grounds for dismissal — of electronic music as a whole. Devotees know, however, that it's all a real master needs to set a room off and keep fans moving all night long. Daniel Bell is one such master. A pioneer of the minimal-techno genre in the early '90s, the DJ has contributed to its growth and evolution over the years with his productions and remixes, as well as through collaborations such as Cybersonik, in which he partnered with the legendary Richie Hawtin, aka Plastikman. More recently, Bell has joined up with John Tejada and, on his own, produced such legendary tracks as "Losing Control." Precise, punchy and coldly austere, Bell's music leaves little room for excess; it's the bare essence of groove, stripped of all impurities and distilled to its simplest form. Catch Bell this Friday, October 5, at Mother Earth Sound System's Bleep! Party (visit for more info).

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