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Danielle Ate the Sandwich looking for extras to appear in her new video for "Faith In a Man"

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Last year, singer-songwriter Danielle Ate the Sandwich (aka Danielle Anderson) teamed up with Nick Celentano and Ryan Anthony Martin, the guys behind Synthetic PictureHaus, to make the music video for "Where the Good Ones Go." Next week, she'll be working with them again on her video for "Faith in a Man." They're hoping to round up at least thirty extras for a bar scene set in the 1930s, in whichAnderson seeks the help of a mob boss to rob a bar and bail her husband out of jail.

"In the video, I play a woman who puts faith in a man," says Anderson. "He screwed me over. This man was a mob boss or a man of crime. So I do one last job for him and then I'm getting out of the business. And the last job is to rob this bar for all of its money."

The scene is being filmed in Golden from 1 to 6 p.m.; anyone interested in being an extra can RSVP here. "We basically need them to stand around and pretend like they're drinking alcohol, or actually be drinking alcohol if they want," Anderson says.

As for her forthcoming album, Anderson says her band helped make the album cooler than her last release, 2010's Two Bedroom Apartment.

"Without, like, putting myself down, I think it just sounds a little younger in a way. I think a lot of my music is really bright and dreamy and whimsical, but this feels heavier and has more weight. It's dark sometimes and bright other times. I'm still playing ukulele and writing songs about kind of fruity things.

"To me, it feels more grown-up, but as it's more grown-up, I feel like younger people will like it. And by younger, I mean twenty- to thirty-year-olds, which I feel my music kind of skips sometimes. Either eighteen and younger like it or 45 and up like it. I have a spit demographic -- you never know who's going to like it. But I feel like it sticks with my age group a little better than my previous album."

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