Club Nights


Guys, don't be fooled. When gals squeeze their asses into tight skirts and prance around in uncomfortable heels, we're really trying to entice you to do only one thing: buy us drinks. So keep your sweaty hands on your wallets and give thanks for Tuesday night, when you're relieved of your patriarchal duties by any number of prominent ladies' nights around the city. From the Creek to SoCo to other ridiculously named neighborhoods, Denver on Tuesdays is a hangover promise for anyone with the proper child-bearing anatomy (whether God-given or bought).

DC10, which opened at 940 Lincoln Street this summer, is fresh meat on the scene -- but when Club Scout stopped in last week, it looked to be roasting the competition with its Body Language Tuesdays. By 11 p.m. the club was bursting with fashionably urban singles dancing with their cell phones to suburbia-approved hip-hop while distracted waitresses in skimpy flight-attendant uniforms buzzed around them. The decor is supposed to be modeled after an upscale airport lounge but looks more like THX1138 dipped in stark-white house paint. Plasma screens on the walls loop stock footage of roving Travel Channel landscape panoramas and curious, museum-quality satellite shots of Earth.

Keeping a consistent theme -- by the way, airplanes do not venture into space -- may not be DC10's strong suit, but at least the drink specials really fly. The club's website ( claims that it's open bar for ladies from 9 p.m. to midnight on Tuesdays, but in fact it's only Ketel One vodka that flows so generously. Still, that's quality juice. Or choose your own poison and call for bottle reservations (which aren't cheap) at 720-771-3500.

Scoping for more girly action, Scout proceeded to Bar Luxe, the Euro-style pseudo-dive located at 231 Milwaukee Street. Luxe is considerably smaller than most of its Tuesday rivals, which gives its Ladies Night the feel of an intimate outing rather than a place to score a quick hookup. "It's more of a Sex and the City vibe than other clubs," says promoter Dewayne Benjamin, who co-hosts the weekly event with partner Dif'Rent. "You can have conversations. It's more of a low-key, toned-down crowd instead of the wild party atmosphere of other downtown clubs." Carrie Bradshaw would definitely approve. Chicks get free shots of already-mixed liquors or $5 martinis. And no need to worry about winter coming: The smoking patio is outfitted with heat lamps. Check out Dif'Rent and Benjamin's other around-town events at; for more on Bar Luxe, call the information line at 303-333-1811.

A familiar Tuesday kickback -- Femmes Night at Club Vinyl (1082 Broadway) -- won't be making a comeback; the long-running ladies' night was recently revamped into Old School, a night for college kids/older folks who dress the part, with veteran DJ Brian Howe at the helm. And there's more news in the Regas Christou network: Although he's given up the original Deadbeat Club locale at 4040 East Evans Avenue (see the September 14 Club Scout), Christou has held on to the name and attached it to Deadbeat Wednesdays at the Shelter (1037 Broadway). Get more details at

Jukebox hero of the week: Mercy, the new Planes Mistaken for Stars CD, doesn't drop until October 3, but an advance copy of the disc has been slipped into the hands of the folks at 3 Kings Tavern, 60 South Broadway. Preview it now and blog about it later.

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Tuyet Nguyen