Denver-based Max3 launches artist-friendly digital distro with free beer

The Photo Atlas and the Still City will be playing this Thursday night at the Marquis Theater. In itself, that might not seem so noteworthy. Sure, the Photo Atlas has been receiving some great national press lately, and the Still City is one of the best bands I haven't seen. What makes this show really remarkable, however, is that it is in honor of the launch of a new Denver-based digital distribution company called Max3. Oh, and there's free beer (if you RSVP)! Sounds like just the right place to make out.

Max3 -- with marketing help from Morning After Records' Dan Rutherford and Adam Lancaster -- aims to help artists assemble and distribute multimedia bundles. In English, this means bands can sell the most badass virtual box sets ever, including b-sides, remixes, wallpapers, FLAC files, live recordings, videos, games, cell phone apps, lyrics, ringtones, and whatever else they want. In an effort to ensure that artists make a significant percentage of their sales, the company will reportedly meet or beat the rates paid by eMusic, iTunes and Amazon. For their part, bands can set pricing and monitor their sales as they create their own bundles online. As a good corporate citizen of our fair city, Max3 really wants to start by getting Denver musicians involved. Hence, the party. The shindig is from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. at the Marquis, with the Still City slated to take the stage at 9 p.m. The cover is $8, and did we mention that the beer is free if you RSVP. See you at the keg.

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