Tash Sultana: amazing show, bad audience.
Tash Sultana: amazing show, bad audience.

Reader: Denver Has the Worst Concert-Goers!

Does Denver have the worst concert-goers? That's the word from reader Maria Stanek, who recently sent us this account of her experiences at local shows:

I've been going to concerts quite often for about three years now. In the last month, I've had the worst experiences at some of my favorite venues because people won't shut the hell up and enjoy the music some people came to listen to.

I went to Tash Sultana; it was a packed house and an amazing show...except for dealing with the drunk girls who just want someone to notice them. They were running around all night, back and forth to get drinks. Falling over. Talking loud during the intimate moments Tash had to offer. The next night, Cigarettes After Sex at the Bluebird. Everyone and their mom was apparently on their first date, trying to get to know each other. Talking as loud as possible...and drunk. A review from the shows in L.A. said the entire audience was intrigued, zoned-in and silent. Why wasn't Denver? I really looked forward to ninety minutes of soothing music, but that wasn't the case.

I went to San Fermin. Same story. Dumb drunks just looking for a place to hang out and be drunk together.... The Ghost of Paul Revere: Another great show and most people were really into the vibe and dancing, singing along. Except for the few slobs who kept screaming at them, trying to get the band's attention and being raging assholes.

Maybe these small, great venues have become too popular and the people in Denver just want a place to hang out. It's the worst for people who actually appreciate the good music and go to listen, not for just another social hour. I just wish the people who want to chat and mingle would stop wasting their time and stay at a bar. Concerts are the one place you should be able to go and only listen to the voices you paid to hear. Denver needs to shut up already and at least be respectful of the music.

What do you think of the concert-goers in Denver? Are they particularly bad at certain venues?

Share your thoughts in a comment, or e-mail editorial@westword.com. Especially if you were one of the drunk girls at the Tash Sultana concert....

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