Denver Does Denver, but does it do requests? If so, here's ours.

Denver Does Denver, happening this Saturday at Meadowlark and The Flobots Community Space, is a festival promising to cut the local music community apart and glue it back together in ways we've never heard before. Folk songs will be auto-tuned, guitars and pedals will stomp out lyrics, and homage will be paid to bands by their contemporaries in short sets. All of this cross-pollination got us thinking: What would our dream Denver band intersections look like? Here are five musical couplings we wish would come to fruition.

05. Danielle Ate The Sandwich covering Hot White

Danielle Ate The Sandwich losing her shit on stage, writhing and wailing while playing "Pre-Teen Wet Dream" on a ukulele? It could happen, though we doubt she has the desire to roll around on the floor or spit loogies as well as Hot White's Tiana Bernard does, and that's half the fun.

04. Married in Berdichev covering Via (and vice versa)

What if these two ethereal beings came together and played each other's songs? The combination of Brittany Gould's steep, earth-shaking octave jumps and Daralee Fallin's palette of terrorizing drum machine beats could only lead to one thing: A tear in the universe. We're talking a Coast to Coast AM, paranormal-meets-spiritual kind of musical reality relinquishment that happens when Kate Bush is channeled through a looping pedal.

03. The Knew covering Kingdom of Magic

Everyone knows The Knew are nice, down to earth guys worthy of taking home to mom. Which is all the more reason we want them to cover Kingdom of Magic--"Mighty Manatee," in particular. There is something about The Knew getting just a little sludgy (and adding six more pieces to Patrick Bowden's drum kit) that intrigues us. And just a note: Luke Fairchild and the Magic dudes are perfectly suitable to take home to your mothers, too. They just have more untamed facial hair.

02. The Inactivists covering Candy Claws

The Inactivists ditching their pink tuxedos and/or matching t-shirts for Candy Claws' cute little headbands would be fun, visually at least. But what we're really dying to hear is In The Dream of Sea Life in its entirety, except with added Theremin. Maybe some of The Inactivists' lounge-act sarcasm injected too, to juxtapose Candy Claws' quiet, cultish haze.

01. Pictureplane covering 3OH!3

Oh, wait. This already happened at last year's Denver Does Denver, when Travis Egedy dropped a sterile, broken-up version of "Punk Bitch." And it was awesome. Next time, we think Pictureplane should cover Navy Girls, the Augustus Pablo-inspired Denver band that broke up in the early '00s -- and included Bad Weather California member and Littles Paia himself, Adam Baumeister. Because of all people, Egedy understands a world of echoing drumbeats happened way before dubstep tainted the traditions of dub.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.