Denver does its best to channel the spirit of CBGB at the hi-dive on Saturday, October 29

Now that most of the graffiti has been scrubbed off the walls, no one is likely to ever mistake the hi-dive for CBGB. Nonetheless, for at least one night, the South Broadway bar will summon the spirit of the legendary NYC institution, with a spate of bands paying tribute to those who made the place famous.

On Saturday, October 29, DJ Tyler Jacobson is set to join Wire Faces, who is taking on Television; Accordion Crimes has Blondie; Hindershot has the Talking Heads; SAUNA has Richard Hell and the Voidoids; and Kissing Party has the Ramones. Fitting news today, considering that August 16 marks the 35th anniversary of the date when that last act debuted at CBGB.


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