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Reader: Amazing Music Came Out of El Chapultepec

The building is in a historic district, so it can't be razed...but the interior is gutted.
The building is in a historic district, so it can't be razed...but the interior is gutted. Evan Semon
El Chapultepec, Denver's legendary jazz club, closed in December 2020. And after a disastrous lease to club owner Valente Corleons that saw the place gutted, Monfort Companies announced this week that it had purchased the building at 1962 Market Street, as well as its neighbor at 1320 20th Street.

It plans to combine the spaces into one venue, adding to the entertainment complexes popping up on Market Street. In fact, the announcement of the deal came during the groundbreaking for Urban Riot, a Scottsdale concept that Monfort is bringing to 1920 Market.

In their comments on the Westword Facebook page, readers were quick to share memories of El Chapultepec, as well as offer opinions on the current state of LoDo. Says Emily:
At least they aren't knocking it down for condos and the walls will be filled with music once again. Better than some foreign investment firm for sure.
Adds Kyle:
They have money and a deep investment in the neighborhood. Not a perfect owner, but considering the recent closures and issues with Beta and the old Falling Rock space, it could be a lot worse.
Responds Carolyn: 
I sense another unimaginative property coming with no contribution to Denver's original, vibrant jazz culture. Heartbreaking.
Suggests Wolfgang:
Looks like it's gonna be another corporate money-grab spot for outtatown Texans and Miwestern bros. I can smell the Bud light and Jager shots now.....
Worries Von: 
Anytime this city has anything that has a semblance of a soul - like other real cities - it gets squashed. Denver has not soul, and Denver is a joke. It's a big little city and a jumping off point to the mountains.
Responds Tyler: 
Didn't grow up here but have lived here for twenty years and watching the coolest parts of Denver continually get gutted and turned into some homogenized any-City USA. It's heartbreaking.
Adds Carol: 
It's so sad, I always knew El Chapultepec was there, amazing music came out of there, along with musicians of every walk of life. Van Morrison dropped in after a concert at Red Rocks, along with many other famous people.
Notes Dave:
Once again the Monforts are focused on everything but Colorado Rockies baseball......
Replies Andrew: 
At least this place doesn’t have to win any games.
Did you visit El Chapultepec before it closed in December 2020? What would you like to see Monfort Companies put in that space? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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