Hail Satan's new music video takes a bite out of bigots.EXPAND
Hail Satan's new music video takes a bite out of bigots.
Hail Satan

Metal Band Hail Satan Has a Message for Nazis: "I Will Eat You"

Nazis, beware. The goofballs in Hail Satan have a message for you and your bigoted ilk: “I will eat you!”

Cannibalizing white supremacists is the subject of the Denver metal band’s latest music video, based on the third song off the act's new EP, Rad Metal.

The video mixes images of the band rocking out in the great outdoors with cooking footage and shots of white nationalists hanging by their hands as the bandmates gut them. Their entrails are tossed into a bucket that reads “Nazi Scum (Food.)” By the end of the video, Hail Satan has cooked and gorged on the bigots, and the musicians are sitting around a kitchen table, nearly comatose, in front of a poster that reads, “And justice for all.”

The video was produced by McJeff and drummer Spencer Lee. (Incidentally, years ago, Lee was my student at the Colorado Film School.)

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The lines from the song, belted out by vocalist Jake Fairly, are blunt: ‘“We all have a right to this place that we live in/If you don’t agree, fuck you,” he screams during the bridge. Later in the song, he sings, “You can get along with the rest of us/There’s other people here, you know it’s not just you/Racist ideology will turn to dust/I thought we killed your ass in fucking World War II.”

And if there’s any lingering question about the band’s attitude toward fascists, the chorus answers it: “You’ve got nowhere to hide/I will eat you/You won’t make it alive/I will eat you.”

Fairly wears a Spinal Tap shirt throughout the video, nodding to the self-satirizing rockers, and there is no doubt this band of furrowed-browed slayers isn’t afraid to poke fun at itself, all while taking a stab — dozens, actually — at hatemongers.

If you’re into this sort of over-the-top metal, check out the rest of the headbangers on the Rad Metal EP, including the opener “Born to Win.” The lines “I’m doing drugs/I’m getting laid/I’m eating pizza every day” are a perfect spoof of ’80s metal's cult of youth.

Catch Hail Satan live at the Mile High Parley, at 1:45 p.m., on Saturday, July 21, at Mutiny Information Cafe, 2 South Broadway. The Parley runs July 20 to 22 at Mutiny.

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