Denver Rallies for Jason Stoval, aka Sid Pink, Who Is Hospitalized in Paris

Sid Pink, the Host With the Most Boast, is in the hospital in Paris.
Sid Pink, the Host With the Most Boast, is in the hospital in Paris.
Brandon Marshall
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Denver musician, emcee and television host Jason Stoval, aka Sid Pink, is in a hospital in Paris after suffering multiple head injuries. He is currently in a coma.

For more than two decades, Stoval has been better known by his alter ego, Sid Pink. The self-proclaimed "Host With the Most Boast" has emceed countless events around the city and hosted the television program Sounds on 29th. He is also a member of the band the Firstimers.

Stoval's friend Jasper Gray, who is raising money for a recovery fund on GoFundMe, wrote on the site about the incident that landed his friend in the hospital. Stoval was in Paris to celebrate a friend's birthday. Gray explains:

Unfortunately, something happened along the way, and he never made it. Instead, Jason was found unconscious and taken by the Paris Fire Department to the hospital with multiple head wounds. He was later moved to a specialized neurological unit at Sainte-Anne hospital. There, doctors induced a coma and operated to remove a piece of his skull to allow room for the brain swelling. He is currently stable but will remain in the coma for several more days.

Details on what happened are unclear, and there have been challenges getting information. His father flew to be with him and reports he is receiving excellent medical care. As this sad news spreads among his many friends and loved ones, the first thing everyone wants to know is how they can help. We created this to provide necessary funds for his recuperation, and the many expenses incurred by his family as they tend to him. While the French government covers the surgeries, and some of the medical care, the costs of the overnight stays are his responsibility. These are running at around 2,500 Euros [about $2,500 USD] per night. Given the extent of his injuries, we are preparing for a significant hospital stay and potentially a need to recuperate in Paris before he can safely travel home.

Jim Norris, co-owner of Mutiny Information Cafe, has had a giant portrait of Stoval hanging in his house for the past decade and has hired Stoval to emcee, as Sid Pink, a number of events over the past twenty years.

“He’s my go-to emcee for anything,” Norris says. “He’s there to host. He’s just his own character. He’s created his own persona that’s beyond anything. He’s influenced only by his own tastes, the way he dresses and how he carries himself. Sid is just a pure, good soul. He’s just a good person. It breaks my heart to think that something like that happened.”

Norris says watching how quickly the community donated to the GoFundMe campaign for Stoval was incredible.

"$30,000 in 24 hours is pretty amazing," Norris says. "He’s just loved. He’s loved by everybody. I can’t think of anybody that doesn’t like him. You got a whole town, all of old-school Denver, pulling for you.”

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.