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Denver music scene is kind of a big deal

Well, it's official: Denver's music scene is one of the heavyweights nationwide, as confirmed by a recent study.

Well, duh. We tell you that every day.

Still, it's nice to have some proof. By the numbers, we rank above Seattle and below Los Angeles on the Creative Value Index, which is some kind of magical numerical doohickey to tell you how awesome your city is, we think. Denver boasts 2,300 music-related jobs (we assume this does not include "person in a band" since there are at least 2,300 of those here in town), which beats New Orleans and Seattle on a per capita basis. In your face, New Orleans and Seattle!

In terms of dollars, Denvers roughly one hundred venues that present live music (that includes mixed-use venues) bring in an average of $2.3 million in revenue every night of the week -- that's a hell of a lot of PBR and well shots! Add in the cultural cachet from having a thriving scene that's beginning to push bands onto the national stage on a regular basis, and Denver's looking like a mighty peachy place for music lovers to live.

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