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Harmonious Highways: Denver Musicians Share Their Playlists for Mountain Driving Adventures

A drive through the Colorado mountains is even better with great music.
A drive through the Colorado mountains is even better with some great music.
A drive through the Colorado mountains is even better with some great music. Maddie Miller
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The picturesque landscapes outside Denver are a haven for artists seeking inspiration from rugged mountains, sweeping valleys and vibrant flora. For many, the winding roads that carve through this breathtaking scenery offer a meditative escape and a canvas for creativity. But of course, driving on I-70 can test your nerves. The volume of cars and weather may be challenging for road-trippers, but if you have good music, it helps soothe the experience.

We asked some of Denver's talented musicians to curate playlists for mountain driving in the late fall and winter seasons, providing a unique auditory experience that perfectly complements the vistas. The music can also serve as a good friend while you're sitting in traffic, either getting to the mountains or returning to Denver. Check out the playlists below:
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Denver's Kiltro is a three-piece whose music defies genres.
Courtesy Julian Brier
Denver group Kiltro transcends borders with its genre-defying sound. Led by the charismatic Chilean-born Chris Bowers-Castillo, this dynamic ensemble weaves together sounds of folk, rock, shoegaze and Latin influences into a sonic experience that is both soul-stirring and irresistibly groovy. Its music is a fusion of emotive storytelling and rhythmic exuberance that resonates with audiences worldwide. With richly textured arrangements and Bowers-Castillo’s evocative vocals at the helm, Kiltro crafts a musical universe that invites listeners to explore new landscapes while finding solace in the familiar.

The bandmembers include Will Parkhill on bass and drummer Michael Devincenzi. “With this playlist and all playlists,” Parkhill says, “we try to go places and travel in terms of genre, vibe, artist and global origin.” He recommends that listeners refrain from putting this playlist on shuffle, as the order of songs is important. “Let’s go on a ride,” he says, “and see how it all connects.”

Listen to the playlist here.
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Singer-songwriter Nina de Freitas.
Juli Williams
Nina de Freitas
Nina de Freitas, an enchanting songstress from Denver, is a captivating force in the music world. With a voice that effortlessly weaves through genres, de Freitas’s music blends soulful melodies with poignant lyrics that hit listeners on a profound level. Her passionate performances, whether on stage or in the studio, transport audiences to a realm of raw emotion and authenticity.

The singer-songwriter infuses her songs with vulnerability, arranging narratives that touch the heart and soul. Her lavish, velvety tones carry a unique blend of introspection and empowerment, inviting listeners to explore the depths of their own experiences. From intimate venues to more prominent stages, her performances leave an indelible mark, leaving audiences yearning for more. Of her playlist, she says: “These are songs that make me feel warm always but especially when it’s cold outside. I put them in a specific order so make sure shuffle is off and enjoy. “

Here’s her playlist.
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The Still Tide's Anna Morsette.
Sophie Calderon
The Still Tide
The Still Tide emerges as a radiant gem in the indie-music landscape, casting a spell with its ethereal soundscapes and introspective lyrics. Hailing from Denver, the quartet effortlessly weaves together elements of folk, dream pop and indie rock, creating a haunting and deeply evocative sonic tapestry.

Fronted by Anna Morsett, the Still Tide navigates the delicate balance between vulnerability and strength, delivering lyrics with a raw and honest intensity. Its music takes listeners on a trek where soothing melodies ebb and flow. “Playlists are like little time capsules,” says Morsett, “and I can't wait to listen back to this in a year or so and be flooded with memories of this particular season of life. Hope you enjoy!"

Find the playlist here.
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