Denver Noise Fest 2015 Schedule And Guide

The Sixth Annual Denver Noise Fest kicks off Friday night May 1st at Rhinoceropolis at 8 p.m. Over the course of two nights and Saturday mid-day, DNF will host some of the most interesting and innovative artists in the broad spectrum of the noise genre. Each night, guest DJs will spin the wonderful and the weird and a VJ will provide the perfect visual accompaniment for the evening shows. Tickets run $15 each night with a $20 two-day pass available the first night. What follows is a rundown of what is on offer for the festival.

Friday | May 1 | 8 p.m.

Guest DJs: DJ Good Mourning and DJ Little Fyodor

Visuals by Projector Pete

Musical Acts:
(A)Sex [Greeley, CO]
Ancient, Inc. [Boulder, CO]
Dolor [Colorado Springs, CO]
Human Fluid Rot [Pompano Beach, FL]
Macronympha [Pittsburgh, PA],
Nookleptia [Chicago, IL]
Of Earth and Sun [Loveland, CO]
Page 27 [Denver, CO]
Sirhc Neila [Denver, CO]
Smith Lavender [Saint Petersburg, FL]
Sterile Garden [Denver, CO]
Unbridled Sonic Anarchy [Broomfield, CO]
Vasectomy Party [Palmetto, FL]

Saturday | May 2

Harsh Toast: potluck brunch
11 a.m. - 4 p.m.
2 day pass gets you in, or $5 at the door
Please bring a dish to share or help clean up

Musical Acts:
Animal / object [Denver, CO]
Cpt. Howdy [Denver, CO]
Distance Research [Lafayette, CO]
Extended Output [Denver, CO]
Kuxaan Sum [Denver, CO]
Lanx Borealis [Denver, CO]
Rejekted Kauses [Fort Collins, CO]

Saturday | May 2 | 8 p.m.

DJs: DJ Catdog and DJ Mudwulf

Visuals by Vidkidz

Musical Acts:
ADC~ [Seattle, WA]
Architeuthis Dux [Austin, TX]
Bigawatt [Albuquerque, NM]
Breakdancing Ronald Reagan [Austin, TX]
Deletist [San Francisco, CA]
Demonsleeper [San Francisco, CA]
Echo Beds [Denver, CO]
Hell Garbage [Lakeland, FL]
K. M. Toepfer [Edmonton, AB, Canada]
More Eaze [Austin, TX]
Rick Reid [Denver, CO]
Solypsis [Denver, CO]
Tahnzz [Albuquerque, NM]

For more information please contact Denver Noise Fest at [email protected].

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