Denver Noise Fest lineup announced, prepare to have your bowels scraped

Denver Noise Fest may very well be the loudest, most chaotic event that Denver sees on a yearly basis. It can give you tinnitus in the span of four minutes, cause an upset stomach in ten and rupture your bowels in twenty. That is to say, it's the most fun you'll have all year. This year DNF has been expanded to three days, running from April 22-24. Click through for the full lineup.

DNF is run by noise music mainstays, John Gross, John Rasmussen and Todd Novosad, and together they've combined forces to bring in acts from around the globe into Old Curtis Street Bar for what is sure to be the loudest weekend you'll have all year. This isn't your South Broadway noise either; the lineup is full of some of the harshest, nastiest and loudest music you'll ever hear.

Most notable outfit on the lineup is the now legendary The Haters, a group that formed in the late '70s and has been putting on some of noise's best live shows ever sense. As far as we can tell, they haven't been to Denver in a very long time. There shows are known for absurdity, lack of structure and, oftentimes, audience participation. They're not to be missed.

Alchemical Burn (NM) Alms (NM) Aodl (UT) Arvo Zylo (IL) The Beandip Troubadours (The Future) Christian Pincock (NM) Crank Sturgeon (ME) Disthroned Agony (MN) Dental Work (MI) +DOG+ (CA) Fatale (IL) The Haters (CA) In The Age of Terminal Static (WA) Kilt (NY/NM/CA) La Funcion de Repulsa (MX) Legless (NC) Marlo Eggplant (WA) Matt Taggart (MT) Nookleptia (IL) Nuss (RI) Occasional Detroit (NM) Office Park (NE) Page 27 (CO) Sonic Disorder (UT) Sterile Garden (CO) Styrofoam Sanchez (CA) Syphilis Sauna (PA) Warning Broken Machine (OR) Xome (CA) Zombie Bite (MN)

More acts to be announced.

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