The Levitt Pavilion
The Levitt Pavilion
Brandon Marshall

Levitt Pavilion in Ruby Hill Broken Into, Items Stolen

The Levitt Pavilion, an outdoor concert venue that opened in Ruby Hill in 2017 and offers free concerts throughout the summer, experienced a break-in and theft this week. The organization announced the break-in via a Facebook post on Wednesday, noting that the incursion occurred sometime between 3:15 p.m. on Tuesday, July 10, and 9 a.m. on Wednesday, July 11.

Levitt Pavilion in Ruby Hill Broken Into, Items Stolen (4)
Screenshot of the Facebook Post

A number of items were stolen from the property. While Levitt representatives declined to provide specifics when contacted by Westword Thursday morning, the Denver Police Department told us that at least one individual gained access to a garage and engaged in theft and criminal mischief.

The culprit — still at large and being pursued by DPD detectives — took a number of unspecified items from a storage unit, damaged a car and tried unsuccessfully to boost a couple of golf carts.

The Levitt Pavilion's Facebook post requests that anyone who has information about the break-in contact the DPD or email info@levittdenver.org.

Fans of the organization expressed shock and dismay underneath the social-media post about the break-in.

Notes one man, "Why would someone do this? You offer a great space to the community! I hope they catch the morons!"

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