SIR has fought hard for its latest album, So Cold.
SIR has fought hard for its latest album, So Cold.
Courtesy of SIR

SIR's New Album Is Coming. Let This Music Video Tide You Over

Over the years, SIR has proven to be a band that does not easily fold. The trio — singer/guitarist Sarah Angela, bassist Kim O'Hara and drummer Luke Mehrens — is set to release its first full-length album, So Cold, next month.

The group has consistently found ways to bond over tragedy and be inspired to push ahead in the face of complication. In response to the death of Mehrens’s fiancée in 2015, the musicians traveled to Los Angeles and spent two months recording their upcoming album.

This last week, despite the death of O'Hara's grandmother and some recent legal woes, the band released a video for "Wading," a single from So Cold. The song and its accompanying video, directed by Ben Fout and shown below, was shot at O'Hara's home and explores the emotional power of music and the bands that SIR loves.

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"We shot the video right in my house because we needed the most intimate setting," O'Hara says. "The song feels and sounds almost as if it's about a sexy obsession, when its actual meaning encompasses the emotion behind seeing an artist live for the first time, having them blow your mind to the point of a musical obsession, and the harsh reality that you'll only ever get to see them again on their terms."

The video is one in a series of singles the band is debuting to promote the upcoming record, which will drop on December 8.

"We are finally releasing this album," O'Hara says. "We've been this band for two years now, and it's taken this entire time to release it. We're excited to finally get this out there. "

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