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Reader: Would You Rather See Another Boarded-Up Building?

When you can't see Nathaniel Rateliff perform, you can visit the bar he co-owns!
When you can't see Nathaniel Rateliff perform, you can visit the bar he co-owns! Brandon Johnson
Giving a boost to the start of 2022, the Skylark Lounge reopened on New Year's Eve. Nathaniel Rateliff, longtime friend Bob Ashby and Chris Tetzeli, co-founder of 7S Management (the company that manages Nathaniel Rateliff & the Nights Sweats and many other acts), had purchased the venerable venue in June 2021 from longtime owner Scott Heron, who was ready to pursue new things.

While some of the Skylark contents were sold at auction last year, the new owners hope to keep the old vibe alive. “It was kind of a no-brainer,” says Ashby, who’s lived in the Baker neighborhood for the past thirteen years. “We both love this neighborhood. It's been really important to us, and we really want to add something back to it."

In their comments on the Westword Facebook post of the news, a few former fans have given the new Skylark the bird, while others welcome it back to the roost. Says Samra:
Love Nathaniel and love this bar!
Adds Lisa:
So glad to see the Skylark back!
Counters Nicky:
Gentrification at its best. Have fun there, Californians.
Replies Jodie:
Chill, he has roots here, read the article. Would you rather see another boarded-up building covered in crappy graffiti?
Explains Lindsey:
He’s been in Denver since high school (in his forties now). Plus, he’s a rad dude...chatted with him for a sec at the hi-dive years ago. Rather have people trying to keep old Denver alive than lett it sit and rot.
Comments Zach:
I love this place so much, but it kills me that they got rid of the upstairs pool room. That was one of the coolest spots in Denver.
Suggests JP:
Meh. It’s not the same. Totally different vibe and all the cool, old movie posters and other vintage memorabilia is gone except for a few pieces. The upstairs pool table area was the best. The crazy condom/porn machines are gone from the bathrooms. I know it will never have the same vibe and the new generation has their own spin on things. RIP Old Skylark Lounge. I’ll always have those memories.
Meanwhile, Corey is apparently making some new Skylark memories:
This comment coming from the corner of the bar right now.
Have you been to the Skylark since it reopened? What did you think? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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