Denver Winter Showcase full lineup and venues

When Andy Roberts moved to Colorado a few years ago, he immediately recognized the scene here as something he wanted to be a part of, which ultimately birthed the idea for the Denver Winter Showcase. Now in its sophomore year as a techno/house music party, the festival is totally geared to the city's techno-heads. Expanding to four days this year and moving to new locations (DWS started at NORAD Dance Bar), Roberts is bringing a gang of talent to NORAD and Bar Standard, as well as announcing the location of the after-hours party. Full lineup, venues and details below.

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Tickets for the four-day event start at $45 and can be purchased through Pulse Radio.

Thursday, March 6

Bar Standard Jay Tripwire CNR Josh Dupont Eddie Sprttro b2b

Friday, March 7

Techno Happy Hour at Funky Buddha ManMade Chris Mitchell FRGMNT Steofan John Templeton

NORAD Dance Bar Justin James Hilary Warner

Saturday, March 8

NORAD Dance Bar

OMID 16B Julian Jeweil Jewel Kid Alex M Austin Diogo Aaron Lee Shea Delany RedOne

BONUS: Ableton Live Masterclass with Justin James at Global DJ Academy

Saturday, March 8

Fusion Factory John Tejada Noevol Bryan Christian Jan Van Lier Greenie

Sunday, March 9

NORAD Dance Bar Barem Dory Steven Graham SummerSno Ryan Buck Kevin Callison Navi

BONUS: Ableton Live Masterclass with Justin James at Global DJ Academy

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