Folk duo Astralingua has dropped the music video for its latest single, "The Nimble Men & Space Blues."EXPAND
Folk duo Astralingua has dropped the music video for its latest single, "The Nimble Men & Space Blues."
Lisa Siciliano

Astralingua Drops Music Video for Single "The Nimble Men & Space Blues"

Denver's Astralingua has released a new music video for its song “The Nimble Men & Space Blues.” It's the latest single off the duo's upcoming space-folk concept record, Safe Passage, due in March 2019.

The video, edited by principle songwriter and composer Joseph Andrew Thompson and backing vocalist Anne Rose Thompson, uses stock footage to take viewers on a surreal trip, first to a night sky lit up by the beautiful polar lights, then upward into space.

Written over the course of three months in the Mojave Desert, Safe Passage and “The Nimble Men & Space Blues” both reflect the wondrous time the self-professed stargazers and amateur astronomers spent working on their new music.

“When we started the record, we were staying in a cabin in the Mojave Desert, kind of on a hilltop, and we had 360 degrees of the stars, and they were incredible,” says Joseph. “I would go out at night, look at the stars, stargaze, and work on the songs in my head, and this is one that came out of that. There was no way to sit out there and see the view I had and not work it into a song."

The upcoming record wrestles with isolation, existentialism, humanity’s relationship with the unknown, and the vastness of space — themes the two often contemplate as traveling musicians.

“The song’s about isolation and longing between worlds. We travel a lot, and a lot of that comes from our experience of being between places,” says Joseph. “The other thing is how growing awareness and consciousness isolates you away from a lot of other people."

“We just started with the idea to go down there and space out and write whatever comes and let it happen,” says Anne. “In retrospect, [it's easy to see] the links between the songs and how our experience there was affecting what we were writing.”

Safe Passage will hit streaming platforms on March 8.

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