Denver's best dubstep shows in the past seven years, according to Sub.mission

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Sub.mission dubstep is arguably the most influential music authority in Denver. Consistently winning Westword's Best Of Denver awards for various shows and events, Sub.mission has been bringing the underground dubstep sounds to Denver for seven years. Thanks to founder Nicole Cacciavillano, and a crew of street teamers, resident DJs, loyal fans, and other creative types (graphic designers, photographers, video crews, etc.) the seven year anniversary will feature dubstep pioneers Mala, Goth Trad, Commodo, Khan, and Gantz -- some familiar faces from past anniversaries and Sub.mission shows. We asked the Sub.mission crew to reflect on its favorite shows over the years, and they are spread all over. Here is what they said:

Nicole Cacciavillano: Sub.mission founder Favorite show: All "I don't have one. You know, the 7 year is going to be my favorite show. It already is my favorite show. I learn something from every show, but to think about it? People might say I'm crazy, but I don't give a shit: The first time Excision played the Ogden was my favorite show. [Jeff Abel] is a really good friend. I'm not so much about that music as I am the relationship we have, and when you work with someone for so long in the scene and build them up, and then get to the point where they are a rock star - that was my "HOLY SHIT! DUBSTEP IS GOING TO BLOW UP!" I had to quit teaching. My entire life changed after that show. That was 2009? Maybe 2010? As far as musical, I mean, I don't know. The 7 year. I've tried to do this lineup for a long time, and it's finally happening."

Veronica Lamaak: Sub.mission website administrator Favorite show: April 7, 2007, Submission show #1 "It was the first official show in Denver, and I wasn't part of the crew, but at the end of the night I cleared out my bank account from the ATM and tried to give it to Nicole so she would do more of it. She wouldn't take it. She wouldn't take my money. Life hasn't been the same since. That's been my favorite. Seven years later, I'm just as stoked."

Mike Caustik: Sub.mission resident DJ Favorite show: Sub.mission 6 year anniversary: "I can't choose just one because they are all just so awesome. If I had to? It's really hard, but I guess the 6 year anniversary, but that ties with at least a dozen other shows. Why? All of our shows don't do this, but this had a darker vibe, and I really like those shows."

Anastasia "Lotus Drops:" Sub.mission resident DJ Favorite show: Silkie at Larimer Lounge "I would have to say Silkie at the Larimer Lounge. The vibes were just intimate and everyone was in the zone, the lights were low, the bass was slamming against our faces, and it was an experience to be had. It was also awesome to play after. I was able to rock out after as a DJ because he knows how to put on a good show."

Andrew Carr "Subliminal" Sub.mission resident DJ Favorite show: Sub.mission 5 and 6 year anniversaries "As far as favorite show, I would have to say combination between the 5th and 6th year anniversaries. The 5 year was the best music I've ever heard overall from start to finish. The 6 year was so underground and old school vibes because we had a warehouse party with really good talent. I've been in this game a really long time and I'm all about the vibes, not the money, or the games. It's pushing that sound. Those two were the culmination of straight good intentions and vibes and doing it for the right reasons."

Skaadi: Sub.mission resident artist Favorite show: Lotus Drops cabin party, Kryptic Minds "My favorite show wasn't actually a real show, but I watched Lotus Drops and The Others throw down a back-to-back in this cabin in the woods for several hours. It was notches up from a boombox, but it was the hottest Sub.Mission shit I've ever seen. If I had to pick something official, it would be Kryptic Minds."

Alex Curylone: Sub.mission resident DJ Favorite show: Early Dub Police at Cervs "At the time, I had just started getting into dubstep - I was big into jungle and drum and bass - it was the first dubstep show that I had seen, and I brought some friends for their first time, so it was kind of emotional for me." Todd Sumpter: Street team manager Favorite show: Sub.mission 6 year anniversary, Dub Police at the Ogden "The way we were are all going nuts. Not just those of us who work together, but all of us friends just getting down. It was special."

Cameron Gardner: Marketing Favorite show: Sub.mission 5 year anniversary "The best party will be the 7 year anniversary because it's the culmination of what I've wanted to see since the beginning. No one in the USA has done this, and no one probably will. I'm glad to be a part of it. But, if I had to pick a show, then the 5 year. Music-wise, it was all no-bro, which is the way I go."

Elise Rousseau: Artist advance Favorite show: Caspa "I wasn't part of Sub.mission yet, but the crowd was awesome and the vibes were just awesome."

Carlos Galvan: Marketing intern Favorite show: Sub.mssion 4 year anniversary "My favorite event was the Sub.mission 4 year event. That was my first exposure to true dubstep. It was the first real sub.mission show I had been it, and it exposed me to the deeper culture of music, and new artists that I hadn't heard. Ever since then, I've been hooked."

Corey Pfaff: Agency intern Favorite show: Funtcase afterparty "I hadn't been with Sub.mission for very long, and it was the first time I really started to understand the vibe from the company. It was the first time I was a part of the crew, and that was a good feeling."

Phil Padilla: Sub.mission, Pueblo, Colorado Favorite show: Sub.mission 5 year anniversary "I've always been down with the underground vibes, but for me the best show was the 5th year. It was an introduction to the Deep Medi sounds with all the dub plates, the crates... all the awesomeness."

Alex Cortez: Marketing intern Favorite show: Youngsta at Larimer Lounge "It's tough to choose , but Youngsta at the Larimer Lounge last summer. For me, it was the show that made me want to contact Nicole and work for Sub.Mission. I really liked the vibes, and it was a great decision. Also, the 7 year will be my next favorite show."

David Ingle: Soundcloud manager Favorite show: Biome at Beta, 6 year anniversary "Besides the 6 year, which was my favorite as of now, but I'd have to say Biome and Demon at Beta. I really like their style of dubstep."

Phil Matthews: Digital content Favorite show: J:Kenzo, Juakali at Cervantes "It was the first time I saw - that was J:Kenzo - it was at Cervantes with Juakali. It was accidental. I went with some friends and it was total accidental exposure to actual good, deep dubstep. It blew my mind and changed my life in a good way." Dominic Perea: Sub.mission intern Favorite show: Dub Police at the Ogden "It was my second time seeing Caspa, and my first time seeing Trolley Snatcha... and J:Kenzo and Soulscape just blew my mind. They are among my favorites. Caspa never disappoints me. I fucking love Caspa. He could play the shittiest set and I would still think it's incredible."

Emma Ceaglske: Street team Favorite show: Megalodon, London Nebel "It was two days before Halloween. I really like the heavier, wonkier dubstep, and everyone was in a party mood because it was before Halloween."

Marissa Sanchez: Fort Collins college representative Favorite show: Doctor P at Beta "I'm new to Sub.mission, but I am definitely getting into it. I am very excited for the 7 year, and I've met some awesomely talented people with Sub.mission. Even though it was crowded, but Doctor P, even though there were a lot of bros there. It was one of the times I've never seen Beta that full, and it was just awesome."

Ray Jay: Steamboat, Colorado, college representative Favorite show: DJ Madd and Ruckspin at Larimer Lounge "It was super dark, the vibes were awesome, and they did some reggae. At the end they did a back-to-back drum and bass set, and I kind of lost my shit at that point."

Chelsea Davis: Merchandise marketing intern Favorite show: Dub Police at the Ogden, SBTRKT at Beta "Those two shows really stick out in my mind since I've been with Sub.mission. That's definitely the heart of sub.mission with the vibe that those shows brought."

Nick Merrill: Street team Favorite show: Sonic Bloom 2011, Mala sunrise set "There weren't many people still awake, but at the end [of the set] I got to chat with him, and he gave me a mixtape that he had with him - "From London to Capetown" - I still have that in my CD player to this day. I was really into the mainstream stuff before all this, and it's really changed me view."

Jonny Conrad: Intern Favorite show: Biome at Beta, Dub police Takeover at Ogden "For the same reasons, but at the time of the show, the energy and hype was just up the entire time. It was fun for everyone around it, and it was just the best experience."

Chris Baca: Digital content Favorite show: Kryptic Minds takeover Cervantes "Kryptic Minds is my favorite label, so it was just a joy to see all the boys tear it up."

Davis Weimer: Merchandise Favorite show: MachineDrum Vapor City tour "I got to open the show, but he had visuals and a drum set. Everybody always plays CDJs, but he had the whole venue up front just going along with him. It was really cool."

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